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High speed Comforter filling line


Watch our High Speed Comforter filling line video



High speed Comforter Filling Line Box construction

Standard Comforter Filling Line High speed

Consisting of the following machines:

- Silo and feeding equipment 
- Four scales 40 litres 
- Two automatic filling tables with two
or four filling tube
- El-box with operator panel and fax-modem 
- Filter-station and vacuum fan.

Specifications for Comforter Filling Line - High speed

Operator: One person 
Capacity: 40 50 comforters (4 x 6 boxes) per hour
Flexibility: Full flexible menu
Volume of weighing scale: 40 litres
Capacity of weighing scale: 100 grams down, 250 grams feathers
Tolerance: + 1 gram
Filling material: Down and feathers
Floor space: 420 cm x 660 cm



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